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um...rambling about stuff

Hi everybody! Never been in a relationship...i've been asked out before but i didn't think they were serious....i didn't think anybody wanted to go out with me but thats alright! YOU'LL NEVER TAKE AWAY ME FREEDOM! People that are all lovey dovey in public irritate me sooooooo much...soooooooooooooo much....i just wanna haul off and slap 'em...well'd be cool to go out with someone but i'm in no friend goes out with lots of people but it doesn't seem to be a fun experience for her...i think that whoever you go out with you should want to go out with...i dunno thats just my opinion......oh i am 14 (almost 15 and they still won't let me sit near the emergency exit on the airplane...yeah i won't know how to open the stupid door even if i'm 15...curse you gate agents!) and i live in Florida (sunshine state my tail!)...well thats about it...
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