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Dating advice

There is some good dating advice out there. There is also some bad stuff. Men's dating advice has some particularly awful contingents, including UGH. Sexist CRAP, all of it!!!!!

With such articles as "Are all beautiful women irrational?" and "What if she hangs out with other men?" it is a big fat zero as far as I'm concerned. The primary philosophy is that men need to follow this "system" of challenging a woman in order to get her to be interested in them. It also seems to think that men and women can't be friends, which I tend to disagree with. If you are so immature that you can't be friends, you need to GROW UP.

There is a guy called Carlos Xuma who does a podcast called "Dating Dynamics." He also runs a website by the same name. He usually gives very good advice to men. He tells them that they have to improve their self confidence and self esteem in order to be able to approach women. I find him sexist only on occasion, but mostly he's really good. I hate his website, but I like the podcast and listen weekly. I think it's worth downloading on iTunes (and you don't have to have an iPod in order to listen to podcasts.... you can just listen on the computer.)

So that's men's dating advice. Tomorrow I plan on covering dating advice for women. I think it will be hard to find advice that isn't crap, but I will try.
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