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Bitchin' Singles

It's not a disease, you know

Bitchin' singles!
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Welcome to the bitchin' singles club. Leave your desperation at the door.

This is a community where you can fraternize with other singles. It is not a community for personal ads, casual hookups, etc. Go to Craigslist, you'll find a home there. :-P

It IS a community for you to discuss the implications of being single, discuss the dating scene, get advice on doing life single, etc, etc etc.

girl_with_purse is your bitchin, single, moderator! E-mail her at erikac@surfy.net

A couple of rules:

- BE NICE! No trolling or flaming.
- No personal ads allowed. If you didn't notice above, this is not that kind of community. Plus, if I hear the phrase "I like long walks on the beach" ONE MORE TIME, someone's eye might get taken out. You have been forewarned.
- This community is for adults, mostly focused on early 20's - early 40's.

These rules are subject to change at any time and for any reason.