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"Oh sweetie, you'll meet the right person someday...."

The words of my mother, among others.

I am so tired of the "oh you poor thing" attitude directed at people who are single. Can't a girl just date interesting people and not need a boyfriend? What is with this rush to get married among the 20-25 set? I go out with friends who used to be interesting and the only topic of conversation is suddenly the size of the ring and when they're going to get it (pauses to consider that this makes friends sound very shallow).

The other favorite reaction is "Oh, you must have had a bad relationship in the past..." Nope. Actually they've all been good guys, and ended amicably. I'm not spending every night weeping into my pillow about a lost love.

WHY ALL THE PITY? I'm happy, so can we all just get on with things?

End rant.
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