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Hi there,

I'm brand new - just found this community while randomly clicking on stuff.

I'm the oldie of the group by the looks of things - 28 and yes - SINGLE! OH MY GOD! Nearly 30 and I still haven't got a husband - shame shame shame :p

I was being sarcastic I hope you realise.

Whenever I tell people my age, they automatically ask "are you married?" Well - first they do the "you don't look 28!" thing, THEN they ask if i'm married. I say "no, I don't even have a boyfriend". They promptly think something must be really wrong with me. They don't SAY it of course, but you can see it churning in their heads.

So... i've been single for about 6 months now - had a 3 year relationship end in Feb this year. I felt like utter crap for ages, but am feeling much better and starting to really enjoy my single-dom. I don't want another relationship at the moment, I think it's time to do some personal growing and things like that.

Rather than getting desperate becuase my 'time is running out' (as my mum so kindly puts it - i'm runnign out of time to meet an eligible guy coz soon i'll be too old...) I am actually getting fussier. I know what I want in a partner and I know what I DONT want in one most importantly.

Anyway :) yeah - i'm rambling. I tend to do that :)
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